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About Us

關於 nʌmbə5

nʌmbə5 讀音「number 5」,取其國際音標為名,亦有著跨越國際的意思。

我們相信每個人都擁有獨一無二的性格,也有著與別不同的魅力,因此我們本著「Reveal your charm・展現你的個人魅力」的理念,透過簡約的圖文設計,創作自家品牌服飾,把你我他和她的個性和風格展現出來。

【BEWARE OF… 】、【Let yourself be charmed】及【Don’t Lose your cool】是 nvmbe5 首三個自家設計系列,正貫徹著「Reveal your charm・展現你的個人魅力」的品牌理念。

此外,在nʌmbə5 的平台上,你亦可找到出自本地設計師之手的銀飾系列。

除了本地出品和服飾,nʌmbə5 亦會搜羅世界各地的時裝和護膚用品,包括來自意大利的天然有機護膚品牌 Idea Toscana。

nʌmbə5 網購平台希望為世畀各地的朋友帶來個人化的購物體驗。


About nʌmbə5

nʌmbə5, as denoted in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), is read as “number 5”. It also has a meaning of spanning the world.

We believe that everyone is unique and thus everybody has his/her own charm. With the belief of “Reveal your charm・展現你的個人魅力”, we proudly introduce our own designed collection with simple, vogue and personal style.

【BEWARE OF… 】,【Let yourself be charmed】and【Don’t Lose your cool】are the first three series of own design by nʌmbə5.

Meanwhile, you may also find the collection of stylish handmade silverware by a local designer on nʌmbə5.

Besides local design and fashion, nʌmbə5 platform will also bring you stylish fashion from around the world as well as accessories and skin care products.

We sincerely hope that nʌmbə5 will become your favourite online shopping platform.